Chapter 7:
Service Issues


The OneNeighbor platform makes it very easy to manage and resolve almost all service related issues from rain delays and tall grass to loose dogs and broken windows.
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Provider Reported Issues

Inclement Weather

If you are unable to complete a job due to inclement weather, you can easily reschedule the job in the OneNeighbor platform. Make sure that you reschedule the job before the end of the day so the customer doesn't think that you're a no-show. If they think you're a no-show, they could get upset.

How: From your vendor dashboard, click on "Manage Customers". On the Manage Customers page, select the day/date, this will display all of the jobs scheduled for that day. Click on "Weather Delay" and you can select the date that you'd like to reschedule all of the jobs for. This will send an email to the customers notifying them of the change.

If you only need to reschedule one of the jobs, you can click on the job, click "file an issue" and follow the steps to select the new service date for the job.

Tall Grass

If the grass in the entire lawn is over 8" tall, it qualifies as a double-charge and double-pay. If the grass in the entire lawn is over 12" tall, it qualifies as triple-charge and triple-pay. Tall grass fees do not apply if it's not the entire lawn.  If there is only an area of the lawn that has taller grass/weeds, it does not qualify as tall grass.
What to do: Before you begin servicing the property you must take photos of the entire lawn showing the tall grass. The photo must show the entire lawn, not just a small area. If the customer isn't able to clearly see that the entire lawn is tall grass, they can report.  When you are finished servicing the yard, take photos of the completed job, as you normally would.  When you go to mark the job off as completed, you'll upload the tall grass photos into the issues photo area and select "Tall Grass".

Gate is Locked

If you arrive at a customer's house and the gate is locked, first check the service details to see if they provided a code. If there is no code, try knocking on the door and asking the customer to unlock the gate. If the customer isn't home, you can report an issue on the service that you were unable to service the back yard due to the gate being locked.

Dog/Pet in Yard

There is a dog or animal in the yard that is preventing me from performing the service.
What to do: First, we recommend knocking on the customer's door and politely asking if they can bring the animal inside so that you can provide the service. 90% of the time, this will solve the issue. However, if the customer is not home you will want to try to take a photo of the animal in the yard and submit a service issue that you were unable to service an area or the entire yard because of the animal.

Gated Community, No Code

The customer's property is located in a gated community and there is no entry code in the service notes.
What to do: Submit a service issue that you were unable to service the property because of gated community and there is no access code.

Unable to Find Property

You are unable to find the customer's property. Most often, this happens when the customer's house is new and it doesn't appear in maps yet.
What to do: First, we recommend trying to find the customer's neighborhood/subdivision. When looking at the job in the OneNeighbor platform, the name of the neighborhood is shown next to the city. Try to find directions to the neighborhood online and manually find the customer's address. If you're still unable to find the property, you can submit a job issue that you're unable to find the property.

Property Damage

If you caused any damage to the customer's property or belongings when performing a service. This could be a broken window, broken sprinkler head, damaged downspout, or you damaged the customer's fence. If you cause any damage to the customer's property, you are responsible for notifying the customer and resolving the issue right away.
What to do: The first step is to notify the customer and discuss a resolution. If it's a simple fix that you can do yourself, coordinate with the customer to schedule a time when you can come and fix the damage. If you're unable to repair the damage yourself, contact your insurance company right away to file a damage claim. Make sure to keep the customer up to date with all claims and work to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Customer Denies Service

If you arrive at a customer's house to perform service and they ask you to skip this service, leave the property, or they say that they cancelled the service.
What to do: We recommend telling the customer that if they want to skip or cancel a service, they need to do so through the OneNeighbor app, ahead of time. On-site cancellations or denial or service are not accepted. The customer has the option to either allow you to perform the service as scheduled or you can leave, but the customer will still be charged for the scheduled service. The OneNeighbor platform sends out multiple reminder notifications to customers before each service.

If the customer doesn't want you to perform the service, you can submit a service issue that the customer denied service on-site.

Customer Reported Issues

As a OneNeighbor service provider, you are responsible for managing and resolving all service issues and disputes for your customers. If one of your customers has an issue with a service that you've performed, they have 48 hours to report an issue through the OneNeighbor platform.  Once they report an issue, you will receive an email notification. The service issue will also appear on your vendor dashboard under "Open Issues". The issues are time sensitive, so you must respond to the issues through the platform within 24 hours! If you don't respond to the issue, the system will automatically approve the default resolution, which may not be in your favor. Additionally, the customer is not charged for a service and you are not paid for the service until the issue has been resolved.

Wrong House

Customer reports that you had serviced the wrong house and/or the completed service photos that you uploaded are not of their property.
What to do: You'll want to go back and provide service to the correct property right away. Through the service issue system, you can reschedule the job.

Service Not Complete

Customer reports that the service was not completed.  This could mean that you missed mowing an area in the yard, you didn't trim/edge, or you didn't blow the grass clippings off of the concrete areas.
What to do: You'll want to go back and complete the service to the customer's satisfaction.  Follow the prompts in the service issue system to reschedule the job.


Customer reports damages caused from the service that you performed.
What to do: Follow the prompts in the service issue system to resolve the issue. If you are able to repair/fix the issues yourself, coordinate with the customer to schedule a time when you can come make the repairs. If you are unable to make the repairs, you'll want to file a damage claim with your insurance company. It's very important that you resolve these issues right away.
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