Chapter 4:
Getting New Customers


This guide outlines how to view and pickup new customers through the OneNeighbor platform. Once you've connected your bank to receive payments, uploaded (or purchased) your insurance, and filled out the background check, you can start picking up new customers right away!
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Viewing Available Customers

Manage customers
Find the Manage Customers section, located on your vendor dashboard.

Click "Go"
Click on "FIND JOBS" from the toggle.
Register as a OneNeighbor Vendor
All of the customers that are currently available to pickup will be displayed.
**The list updates 24/7, so check it frequently. When a customer is available for pickup, it's "first come, first served". The first vendor to pickup/claim the customer gets them!**
Claiming new customers
Click the "CLAIM" button to pickup the customer!
If no available customers are displaying, we recommend that you do the following:
1.) Expand your service area! Most service providers service 20+ different areas or purchasing groups. You can add more service areas by updating your settings under "MANAGE ACCOUNT" from your vendor dashboard.
2.) Check frequently & act quickly! We will notify you when new customers become available in your service area. You must act quickly to pickup the customers before other vendors. When a new customer becomes available, they typically will get picked up within 15 minutes, so move fast!

Setting the Customer Schedule

Once you have clicked "CLAIM" to pickup the customer, you will need to set the customer's service schedule. From the calendar drop-down, select the date that you will perform the customer's first service. The OneNeighbor platform will schedule all of the customer's services based on this selection and the day of week that you choose! So if you choose for the customer's first service to be performed on Friday, the platform will automatically schedule that customer every Friday (if they're weekly) or every other Friday (if they're biweekly).
Adding new customers
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