Chapter 3:


Learn how to setup your banking information through stripe, how and when you get paid for completed jobs, instant pay, and how to view all of your payments and account history.
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Connecting Your Bank to Stripe

OneNeighbor uses STRIPE for sending money to your bank account. Stripe is one of the largest and most secure payment processing companies in the world. They help companies like Facebook, Lyft, Amazon, and Target with their payment processing.

Your information is encrypted and stored through stripe, OneNeighbor does not store or have access to any of your banking information.
From your vendor dashboard, you'll see a box for "Direct Deposit".
Click the "Connect with Stripe" button.
Register as a OneNeighbor Vendor
On the next screen, click on "Connect with Stripe" again, to launch the setup portal on the stripe website.
Setup payment method
Fill out all of the required information and click "Continue"
Enter your provider information
Next, you'll need to verify your phone number. Stripe will send a code to the cell phone number that you provided on the last screen. Enter the code to verify your cell phone.
Phone Verification
Enter all of your personal details. If you would like to use an EIN instead of a SSN, you can do so by going back to the first screen and changing your selection to "Company" instead of "Individual".
Enter personal details
Enter your business website and click "Continue".
Enter your website
If you don't have a business website, that's not a problem.  You can click on the link to the right-hand side and enter a description of the services that you provide instead. Then click "Continue"
No website, no problemEnter business description
The final step is to connect your bank account. You can also use a debit card.
Enter banking information
Congrats! Your are now ready to start receiving payments for your completed jobs.

How Do Payments Work?

Complete the Job

As you complete each job/service you will upload photos of the completed job in the OneNeighbor platform and mark off the job as "performed".  The completed pictures that you uploaded are then emailed to the customer for approval and the pictures are saved to the database. It's very important to take great photos of the completed job to showcase the work to the customer.
Service Completed

Customer Approval

Yippee! Say goodbye to the days of checking your accounts receivable to see which customers haven't paid and chase them around for weeks or months to collect your money.

After you upload the photos of the completed service and mark the job performed, the customer will receive an email with the photos and they have 48 hours to check the work.

The customer can click "approve", which will charge the customer and send the money to your stripe account immediately. If the customer doesn't click "approve", the system will automatically approve the job after 48 hours, as long as the customer hasn't reported an issue with the service.

 If the customer reports an issue with the service, you will need to resolve the issue with the customer before the customer is charged and you are paid for the job.
PRO TIPS: Provide great quality service to keep your customers happy so you get paid quickly. If the client is happy with the service you provide, they're more likely to approve your jobs quickly and they might even leave you nice tip!

Stripe Payment Processing

As soon as a job is approved by the customer or our system, the customer is charged for the service and the money is sent directly to your stripe account to be transferred to the bank account or debit card that you setup to receive funds.
When you are new to Stripe and OneNeighbor, Stripe requires 3-5 business days after your customer's card has been charged to deposit the funds into your bank.  As you complete more jobs through the platform (approximately 20 jobs), you'll develop merchant trust and the payments will transfer to your bank account within 2 business days.
By signing in to your stripe account, you can view all of your payments being transferred to your bank account, transfer dates, and more. We highly encourage you to become familiar with your stripe account. Stripe is best used on a desktop or laptop computer so you can utilize all of the features.
contact information

Stripe Instant Payments

Want to get paid quicker? Receive your money as soon as the next day with Instant Pay! If you don't want to wait Stripe's 2-5 business day processing time, you can send the funds from your Stripe account to your bank or debit account instantly with Instant Pay for a small fee.

To Instant Pay your funds, sign in to your OneNeighbor account and on your vendor dashboard you'll see the below box outlining your current Stripe balance and there's a button to Instant Pay the money to your bank account.  Just click the "Instant Pay" button and the funds will be deposited into your bank account within minutes.
Instant Pay

Customer Payment Issues

Customer Charge Failed

When customers sign up for service through OneNeighbor, we verify that their credit card information is valid before they can order the service. However, customer failed charges do happen although they're typically a fluke thing that happens about 1 out of every 200 transactions.

OneNeighbor will continue to try to charge the customer's card every night until the charge goes through so you can get paid for the work that you completed. You will also receive an email notifying you of the address and contact information for the customer. Most of the time, the customer will fix the payment issue quickly.

If this happens, we recommend doing the following:

1.) Call the customer or send them a text message and kindly ask them to sign in to their OneNeighbor account and update their payment information so the charge can process successfully.

2.) Be proactive and reach out to them each day until they have updated their payment information, so you can get paid for the work that you've completed.

3.). Make sure there is not a problem with the service that you performed. There are times when a customer will block the charge from processing if they're unhappy with the service.

It's a good idea to keep bugging them just the same as you would do for any other customer of yours that owes you money for work that was completed.
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