home and lawn care service vendor in North Texas

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Grow your business by more than 40%
Get full, dense routes of 5-30 jobs, daily.
Competitive, guaranteed pay, with daily payouts.
Create your own schedule.
Year-round work is available.


Must have a gas-powered lawn mower, string trimmer, and leaf blower
Must drive a truck or SUV
Must be authorized to work in the United States
Must be able to pass a background check
Must have a smart phone

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Why Work With OneNeighbor?

We'll provide you with as many jobs as you can handle each week. Customers are co-located together so there's little to no travel between jobs.   You're able to focus on providing top-quality services while OneNeighbor handles the rest.
home and lawn care service vendor in North Texas
Service Groups

OneNeighbor creates co-located neighborhood service groups where the customers are located within a very close proximity to one another. This saves vendors time and money, which equates to savings that are passed on to the homeowners.

home and lawn care service vendor in North Texas
Marketing & Promotion

Through TV, radio, digital, social media, direct mail, and more, we make sure OneNeighbor is seen.  This leads to more money in your pocket!

home and lawn care service vendor in North Texas
Billing & Collections

OneNeighbor handles all of the payment collection (Woohoo! No more having to chase customers for payment).  The funds are transferred to your bank account at the end of each week for the jobs completed.

home and lawn care service vendor in North Texas
Records & Support

OneNeighbor tracks all of your completed jobs and earnings.  OneNeighbor handles all of the customer support and communication.

Do You Have What it Takes?

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Co-Location Service Groups
Marketing & Promotions
Billing & Collections
Record Keeping & Job Tracking
Customer Support
Become a vendor
Price Flexibilty
Win the business of an entire neighborhood service group by providing a competitive rate with a group discount.
OneNeighbor’s customers expect to receive the highest level of quality services for their money. If the vendor’s overall rating falls below OneNeighbor’s strict threshold, the neighborhood’s business can be awarded to another vendor.
Vendors must be able to scale to handle the entire neighborhood’s service quantity.
Customer Service
Vendors are expected to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction and are responsible for quickly addressing any service issues.
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OneNeighbor allows homeowners to find, purchase, and manage home services as a group to drive significant cost savings and consolidate payments. OneNeighbor puts homeowners and neighborhoods at ease knowing they're receiving superior quality services at the most affordable rates.
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