Chapter 5:
Customer Management


Customer management, communication, and organization are crucial for the success of any business. The OneNeighbor platform makes it super easy for you to manage all of your customers, jobs and notify all of your customers of any scheduling changes.
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Viewing Your Customers/Jobs

To view and manage your customers and jobs, you'll click on "Manage Customers" from your vendor dashboard.
Click on the "Jobs" button from the toggle menu to view your scheduled customers and jobs, by day and/or date. The page shows one week at a time, so you may need to use the arrow buttons to the side of the dates to see your customers/jobs for the next week(s). You can also filter by service, status, or area using the filters at the top of the screen.
Viewing your customers
You can also view all of your jobs by day/date on the map!

Just click the "Map" button from the toggle menu.
Viewing customers on a map

Rescheduling Jobs

In the outdoor home services industry it's not uncommon for vendors to reschedule a customer's job for things like inclimate weather, equipment issues, injury, or many other reasons. Our platform makes it easy for you to reschedule all of your jobs for a day at the click of a button!
Under the "Manage Customers", located on your vendor dashboard, you'll click on the day/date and all of your scheduled jobs for that day/date will appear in the list.
By clicking on "Weather Delay" you can easily reschedule all of your scheduled services for that day. Our system will automatically send the customer an email notifying them of the change.
Rescheduling jobs
If you're only needing to reschedule a single job for specific reason, you will want to reschedule the job by clicking on the job from the list, clicking to report an issue, and follow the steps to reschedule the job and describe the reason.
BEWARE: While rescheduling customer jobs is common, it's important to make sure that you're not rescheduling a customer too often. If the customer feels like you're just blowing them off they can fire you and find another service provider! The best OneNeighbor Pros only reschedule a job if it's an absolute necessity.
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