Chapter 2:
Creating Your FREE Pro Account


In this chapter we will take you through how to create your FREE pro account, step by step. Within 10 minutes you'll be ready to accept new customers and start making money!
OneNeighbor Mobile App for Home Services

Step 1: Vendor Registration

 button below or visit
Register as a Service Provider
Register as a OneNeighbor Vendor
Select your language.
Register as a OneNeighbor Vendor
Fill out the registration form, agree to the terms, and click "Register as a Vendor".
Register as a OneNeighbor Vendor

Step 2: Setting Up Your Account

After you have completed the vendor registration page, the app should automatically take you to your vendor dashboard.

Click "BECOME A VENDOR" to get started setting up your OneNeighbor Pro account.
Become a OneNeighbor vendor today
Fill out all of your company information.
When entering your website URL, it must begin with "Http://" or "Https://"
If you don't have a company website, don't worry, just leave that blank.
Fill out all of your company information
Click "NEXT"
Fill out all of your contact information.
contact information
Click "NEXT"
Check off all of the services that you provide and would like to offer to OneNeighbor customers.
Select the services that you offer
Click "NEXT"
On this screen, you will select all of the areas that you are willing to work in. Most OneNeighbor pros service 15+ groups. The more areas that you service, the more customers there are for you to win!

Use the "Market" drop-down on the top right to select the market(s) that you work in.

To Add an Area: Click or tap on the area so it's outlined in blue, then click "ADD AREA".

To Remove an Area: Click or tap on the area that you'd like to remove so it's outlined in blue, then click "REMOVE AREA".

Some of the service areas on the map are darker than others, this means that there are currently more customers available for you to pickup in those areas.
coverage area
Click "SUBMIT"

STEP 3:  Liability Insurance

All OneNeighbor service providers are required to carry basic, general liability insurance coverage.
In this step you will upload your COI (certificate of insurance). The COI is a statement of coverage by the insurance company that insures your business. If you do not have general liability insurance, you can also purchase a basic policy by clicking the link. Typically, general liability insurance costs about $30-$40 per month.
On your Vendor Dashboard you'll see a section for "Liability Insurance". Click on the "Verify / Purchase Insurance" button. This will take you to Thimble's page where you can upload your COI or purchase a qualified plan through Thimble.
Upload or Purchased Liability Insurance
Follow the instructions on the Thimble page to complete this step.
Then return to your Vendor Dashboard

Step 4: Background Check

All OneNeighbor service providers are required to complete a background screening.
From your vendor dashboard, locate the "Background Check" section.
Click "Start your Background Check"
Fill out all of your company information
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