When is It Time to Spray for Mosquitoes?

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As temperatures begin to rise, so do the prevalence of these pesky insects. Mosquitoes, which are more than just a nuisance, can carry harmful diseases and spread illnesses through their bites. Some mosquitoes hibernate over the winter, while others begin to emerge in the springtime from previously laid eggs. In this article, we’ll cover tips for mosquito prevention as well as the best time to spray for mosquitoes. 

Prevent Mosquito Breeding

Standing water and low-lying areas are one of the most common and preventable mosquito breeding grounds in your yard. Mosquitoes do not need much water to procreate. In fact, female mosquitoes need less than a tablespoon of water to lay their eggs. Take the following steps to reduce the amount of standing water and prevent mosquito breeding around your home: 

  • Walk around your yard to identify areas of standing water. This could include empty pots, bird baths or feeders, trash bins, plant dishes or pooling areas in your lawn, deck or patio. 
  • Dump the standing water out of each area and create better drainage for future water collection.
  • Clear leaves, debris and standing water from gutters.
  • Change out water in pet dishes daily. 
  • Keep your pool and hot tub property cleaned and chlorinated.
  • Fill in low-lying areas that collect standing water in your yard.
  • Remove or fill in any hollow logs or stumps around your property. 
  • Utilize animal-safe mosquito dunks in bird baths, ponds or other areas where water cannot be drained. 
  • Set sprinklers to appropriately water your lawn. Overwatering is not only wasteful for our natural resources, but can also encourage mosquitoes.  

When To Spray for Mosquitoes

The best time to spray for mosquitoes is right before the season starts. This will vary based on your region, but typically mosquitoes begin hatching and moving around when the weather is consistently 50-degrees Fahrenheit or above. In some parts of the country, this means mosquito season can be year round! 

As mosquito eggs begin to develop into larvae, you’ll have a better chance at preventing versus fighting already developed insects if you can spray the entire yard, including around seating areas, decks and near windows and doorways. 

Some experts recommend spraying while the mosquitoes are most active during the day, usually dawn and dusk, but mosquito control companies tend to spray throughout the day. Our rule of thumb is to spray when people and pets are least likely to be outdoors, as you’ll want to keep them off the treated area at least until the insecticide has dried. 

If you’re looking for additional expert advice on mosquito control for your yard, trust OneNeighbor’s qualified partners, who will thoroughly inspect your yard, customize your treatment and apply a targeted treatment to eliminate and help prevent mosquitoes for up to a month. Recurring treatments are scheduled on a monthly basis to maintain your protection throughout the season. 

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