Spring Pool Cleaning Tips

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Our pools have been through quite a bit this winter! With mild temperatures through much of the winter, and then a sudden and unexpected shock of extreme cold, our pools have seen easier off-seasons. However, there are a few easy tips to get your pool spring-ready for your most enjoyable summer swimming season yet. 

Get your Test Kits Ready

Test kits allow you to monitor and maintain proper water chemistry, with the two main indicators testing for chlorine levels and pH. As the weather begins to warm up, both of these factors are important to safeguard your pool and equipment from algae. Algae is a living plant organism that can clog filters and increase the cost of pool chemicals needed. Algae begins blooming when water temperatures are over 60-degrees. 

Prevention is the best cure when it comes to the battle of the algae. Testing your water can keep your pool balanced, as you aim to maintain an ideal pH range of 7.2 - 7.6. When pool water is too acidic (pH is low), chlorine is used up at higher rates and becomes less effective in preventing algae growth. When water is too alkaline (pH is high), it’s an indication that your pool is out of balance, which can also lead to a future algae problem. 

Restock your pool chemicals

In understanding your water chemistry, you will also need to understand which pool chemicals can reset the balance of your water. You can add chemicals for sanitizing, pH and alkalinity, and stain prevention. Take inventory of the chemicals you already have on hand and make a list of what you need to purchase. 

Many homeowners find this the most challenging aspect of keeping a pool maintained or prefer to not have to worry about storing chemicals. OneNeighbor partners with local pool experts that understand pool chemistry and the chemicals needed to maintain the right balance. 

Prune Landscaping Around your Pool

While we have many other spring cleaning tips for your entire yard, there are a few additional steps to tackle as it relates to the landscaping around your pool. Take care of the areas that tend to shed into your pool by pruning back flowering bushes or overhanging trees. Rake up and remove dried leaves and dead material in planters and under shrubbery. Sweep or blow off the patio around the decking so it does not end up in your pool. 

Clean Out Your Pool 

When it comes to the off-season of your pool, debris left at the bottom of the pool can end up leaving unsightly stains. The best preventative is to remove leaves from the surface as well as the bottom of the pool and brush and/or vacuum the sides and bottoms. 

Empty pool cleaner bags, clean out skimmer baskets and top off your water level. Clean out the pump basket, and prime the pump with water when restarting. Run the backwash setting, then rinse until your sight glass door runs clear. 

Test/Check your System

Prior to the warmer temperatures of summer, you’ll want to ensure your system is running in top condition. Check your filter as your filter cartridge may need to be replaced. Test your lights, electrical switches and mobile settings if you have a Wifi enabled panel. Lastly, do a visual inspection of your fittings and exposed plumbing for any cracks or leaks. If you have a heater, take it for a test run to ensure it’s heating optimally. After all the cleaning you’ve just completed, you may want to reward yourself with a dip in the hot tub! 

Check/ Clean out/ Reorganize your Pool Equipment and Toys

Several accessories including diving boards, ladders and handrails are built to withstand multiple seasons of outdoor extremes. However, if you see peeling, cracking or damage to these items, you still have time to shop around and order new before pool season is in full swing. Take stock of your pool cleaning accessories at this time as well, including your net, skimmer basket, brush and pool vacuum. 

Pool toys and floats can be organized and repaired or replaced, along with checking goggle straps and other accessories. Reorganize any chemicals you may have to keep them safely stored and away from toys or kids’ items. 

Getting your pool summer-ready can make for a fun family project. However, if you’d prefer to leave it to the experts, OneNeighbor partners with trusted pool cleaning and pool maintenance partners that do everything from water testing and vacuuming to checking your pool equipment and applying the proper chemicals. All of these affordable pool services can be easily scheduled, booked and paid through a convenient mobile app, with service areas in Dallas/ Fort Worth, TX, Tampa Bay, FL and Houston, TX.

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