OneNeighbor Expands Home Services Platform to the Tampa Bay Area

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OneNeighbor expands group purchasing for home services to over 1,500 neighborhoods across the Tampa Bay area.Get My Instant Price

TAMPA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Frisco, Texas-based OneNeighbor, the convenient neighborhood platform that makes home services affordable and easy to manage, expands their market coverage by offering convenient and affordable home services to the Tampa Bay area in Florida.

OneNeighbor expands group purchasing platform for home services to over 1,500 neighborhoods across the Tampa Bay area.

“The expansion provides homeowners in the Tampa Bay area a convenient way to easily manage all of their home services in one place, while achieving savings through group purchasing. Homeowners no longer have to deal with the painstaking tasks of obtaining quotes, negotiating rates, or managing vendors. OneNeighbor vets the top local service providers and negotiates the best prices for everyone in the neighborhood,” says Matt Clark, chief executive officer of OneNeighbor.

This expansion is a swift follow-on to OneNeighbor’s initial Texas launch in February with the Dallas, Texas market and is representative of OneNeighbor’s fast-growing presence nationwide.

Through the OneNeighbor platform, homeowners can join their neighborhood group for free and access a wide array of affordable, contract-free, home services that are available whenever they need them. The services currently include lawn mowing, fertilization and weed control, pool cleaning, pest control, lawn aeration, mosquito control, hedge trimming, weed pulling, mulch installation, leaf cleanup, and more.

OneNeighbor partners with local service providers who use OneNeighbor’s service platform to manage and quickly grow their businesses. The company screens all service providers, ensures that they meet insurance requirements, and monitors to ensure that they exceed their high-quality service standards. “Through co-location, our platform has been able to maximize the service provider’s efficiency and reduce their daily route to within a 2.5 mile radius, saving them a lot of time and money,” says Chet Wilson, OneNeighbor’s chief product officer.

About OneNeighbor

OneNeighbor is a comprehensive provider of home services to the residential housing market. The company currently offers recurring and on-demand services such as lawn mowing, pool cleaning, fertilization & weed control, pest control, and landscape services to more than 5,000 neighborhood communities. Through the OneNeighbor platform, homeowners can join their neighborhood group to save money and conveniently manage all of their home services in one place.


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Chief Revenue Officer
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