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FRISCO, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–August 9, 2021–

Frisco, Texas-based OneNeighbor, the convenient neighborhood platform that makes outdoor home services affordable and easy to manage, is announcing the deployment of its AI platform after successful trials in its Dallas, Houston, and Tampa markets.

OneNeighbor has grown quickly since its launch in late 2019, tripling its size in 2021 alone. Growth has been fueled by demand for affordable and convenient outdoor services such as recurring lawn mowing and fertilization, as well as additional services which many homeowners choose to take advantage of such as mosquito control, weed pulling, and bush trimming. Busy homeowners in today’s environment increasingly rely on technology to purchase goods and services, and they look to OneNeighbor to help them enjoy their outdoor spaces while reclaiming valuable time with their families and friends.

OneNeighbor’s unique neighborhood group purchasing model provides competitive rates to homeowners, while providing full, dense routes to independent service providers. Its new AI solution ensures that the right jobs are routed to the right service providers, maximizing value for homeowners and providing efficiency and greater earnings for service providers.

Matt Clark, CEO of OneNeighbor, said, “We’re excited about the launch of our AI solution, which we’ve been working hard on since late last year. We’re bringing a solution to market that makes our hard-working service providers more successful, while delivering affordable and convenient services to our homeowners who count on us for the continued maintenance of their outdoor areas. We look forward to continued expansion, both in our current markets and in new cities in the near future.”

About OneNeighbor

OneNeighbor is a comprehensive provider of outdoor home services to the residential housing market. The company currently offers recurring and on-demand services such as lawn mowing, pool cleaning, fertilization & weed control, pest control, and landscape services to more than 10,000 neighborhood communities. Through the OneNeighbor platform, homeowners can join their neighborhood group to save money and conveniently manage all of their home services in one place.

Daniel MacKinnon
Chief Revenue Officer
OneNeighbor, Inc

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OneNeighbor allows homeowners to find, purchase, and manage home services as a group to drive significant cost savings and consolidate payments. OneNeighbor puts homeowners and neighborhoods at ease knowing they're receiving superior quality services at the most affordable rates.
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