How to Properly Dispose of a Christmas Tree

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How to Properly Dispose of a Christmas Tree

Having a real Christmas tree in your home for the holidays can be a special treat for your family. You may have chosen the live tree route for the experience of picking the perfect one, or you may just be fond of the aroma. But disposing of the tree after the holidays can feel like a chore. There are a few simple steps you can take to make it easier on you. 

We recommend not waiting too long to dispose of your tree. Dry trees can cause more mess than necessary with dropping needles, and they can also become a fire hazard. 

First remove all the lights, ornaments and tinsel from the tree. Remove the tree skirt and place a large bowl or bucket nearby to collect the water in the tree stand. 

Next, take a plastic tarp, old blanket or sheet and drape it around the tree. Undo the bolts on the tree stand and lift the tree out of the stand. Gently lay the tree over onto the tarp or sheet, careful not to knock over the tree stand. 

Using the sheet or tarp to protect your floors and door frames, carry your Christmas tree out of your home. Sweep up the needles that were dropped along the way or use a shop vac. Household vacuum cleaners may get clogged with excess needles and small branches.

Pour the remaining water from the tree stand into the bucket. You can use this to water outdoor plants or just dump it outside of your home. Rinse out the tree stand and let it dry to store for the next season. 

Depending upon your city or municipality, you may be able to leave your tree on your curb for bulk trash and brush collection. Or you may be asked to bring your tree to a tree recycling location in your city. Check with your local waste management service for specific guidelines. 

To note, flocked trees are often not accepted as recycled material as the substance used to make the artificial snow is not recyclable. Determine with your local waste management company if you will need to take any additional measures to dispose of your flocked tree.

If leaving your tree on the curb, ensure it does not block sidewalks or roadways. If you are taking your tree to a disposal location, it’s best to keep it wrapped in the tarp or sheet to protect the top or back of your vehicle from the dry branches.

Many cities have gone to creating mulch from the recycled trees. You may be able to bring your own container to take mulch home for your own tree and flower beds. Need help with weeding and mulching your flower beds for the winter? Trust the affordable home services experts at OneNeighbor. Our service professionals can ensure your yard is winterized and ready when spring planting season rolls around. We provide lawn care services and other household chores in Dallas/ Fort Worth, TX, Tampa Bay, FL, Houston, TX and Austin, TX.

Author: Tiffany Harlow

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