Best Lawn Fertilizers For Texas Grass in 2022

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If you’re new to gardening, then you must know that putting a seed or plant in soil and having it grow beautifully is not exactly how it works. Plants are known to make their food through photosynthesis, and people usually misinterpret this trait by believing that plants can thrive on a piece of land for eternity.

However, to carry out photosynthesis, they also require nutrients from the ground. As time passes by, these nutrients become scarcer, and plants compete with each other to survive. So, how can you maintain your grass throughout the year?

Well, the answer lies beneath your feet. I mean it; it’s the soil you are standing on! You should get your soil tested first, and if the test result shows a lack of nutrients in your soil, then you probably need to replenish them using the best fertilizers in Texas. The fertilization services keep your grass healthy and green year-round. Moreover, fertilizing your lawn helps make the grass healthy and keeps your yard lush and lively, whether it be Bermuda, Zoysia, or St. Augustine grass. What fertilizers are the best, you ask? We've got you covered!

Our Top Picks

Scotts Southern Turf Builder Lawn Food

Want to see your lawn return to the ever lush form as it used to? Try using Scotts Southern Turf Builder; it gives your lawn a nitrogen-rich boost with an NPK ratio of 32-0-10, promoting fast growth and deep green color. It can cover a large area of about 10,000 square feet, protecting your lawn from drought and keeping it lively as it ever was.

Scotts Southern Turf Builder is among the best lawn fertilizers in Texas because it is a fertilizer fit for all! It can be applied to any grass type during any season when it’s actively growing to green up the grass, promote deeper grass roots, and improve your lawn’s ability to absorb water and nutrients. However, you should avoid using it during winters when the grass is dormant as it is a natural process, and the grass will grow back naturally when the season changes.

Unlike some fertilizers, it is safe to walk on the lawn immediately after applying (cost-friendly) Scotts Southern Turf Builder. I said cost-friendly because it is accompanied by a slow-release technology which means that it will be effective for around 10 weeks after you apply it on your lawn. We recommend using a push-type spreader, making these four to five applications much easier for you.

How often should you feed your lawn?

Turf Builder works best when the temperature is between 65 and 90 degrees. You should apply this lawn fertilizer to dry lawns. And avoid using it during winter in Texas. Moreover, you should feed every 6-8 weeks for your best lawn with this Scotts Southern Turf Builder Lawn Foods designed for Bermuda grass. A full feeding is recommended at least 5-6 times per year.

Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food

Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food works best on small and midsize yards that a garden hose can access. A perfect solution to replenish your once dormant lawn into a fresh-smelling garden.

This product is really easy to apply if you have a hose-end dispenser at your disposal. Simply place the water-soluble granules in the dispenser, attach a garden hose, and spray the lawn in a uniform pattern to disperse the 30-0-6 NPK fertilizer. Miracle-Gro’s formulation promotes dense green growth in Bermuda Grass by quickly boosting nitrogen-rich nutrients.

Use the product every four to six weeks to get astounding results. In just a few days you'll notice that your plants are much more robust and colorful than ever. The 5-pound package contains four individual packets; each feeds up to 1,800 square feet of lawn at the recommended application rate, covering a massive 7,200 square feet. Its slow-release feature makes it a one-time purchase for an entire year.

How often should you feed your lawn?

Bermuda grass also needs nutrients from all-purpose fertilizer, such as Miracle-Gro Water-Soluble Lawn Food or a comparable product. A typical schedule involves applying the fertilizer to an established lawn every three to five weeks during the growing season.

Pennington Ultragreen Weed and Feed Lawn Fertilizer

Oh, wait a minute, were you looking for a fertilizer that works best with Zoysia grass? This premium blended fertilizer is packed with essential plant nutrients to give you the thick, Zoysia green lawn you desire.

With an NPK ratio of 30-0-4, plenty of slow-releasing nitrogen can feed Zoysia grass for up to 3 months. It gives you a deep, dark green lawn with enough nutrients to support colorful flowers, turning it into a proper garden. You can easily find this fertilizer in local shops in Texas.

Pennington is the best known for killing over 250 weeds, including henbit, dollar weed, white clover, plantain & chickweed. Moreover, this fertilizer's 5% Iron composition reacts quickly and helps your grass develop a rich green color in a few short days.

How often should you feed your lawn?

It perfectly combines fast-acting nitrogen for quick greening and slow-release nitrogen for extended feeding. Mainly because it lasts for around 6 weeks, you should feed your grass twice every season except for winter when the grass is dormant, making it 6 times a year.

Milorganite Slow-Release Nitrogen Lawn Fertilizer

Milorganite has remained a staple in the lawn fertilizer industry since it was originally released in the 1920s. This recycled lawn food is derived from heat-treated, nutrient-rich microbes that filter and process organic matter in municipal wastewater. The fertilizer has an NPK ratio of 6-4-0 and contains iron which helps to green up your lawn in a matter of days.

Most lawn fertilizers need to be reapplied every few weeks or so. However, in the case of Milogranite, one application can feed your lawn for up to 10 weeks; this remarkable longevity has been making it a continuous attraction for fertilizing service providers. Once applied, it does not need to be watered in.

The 32-pound bag covers 2,500 square feet; if that sounds like less coverage, then look at its longevity again. In addition to delivering consistent, deep greening nourishment to the lawn, Milorganite is known to deter garden pests like deer and rabbits. Just sweep away any excess product on the pavement to ensure that the iron in the product does not stain the concrete on them.

How often should you feed your lawn?

You should fertilize your lawn with Milorganite Slow-Release Nitrogen Lawn Fertilizer four times every year with applications about 2 months apart (less needed in winter). It will deliver continuous nutrients to your lawn while it’s growing. Fall is the best time if you’re only going to fertilize once a year. You will reap massive rewards from this incredible fertilizer in the form of thick Zoysia grass without the risk of damaging your yard.

Advanced 16-4-8 Balanced NPK

Let’s assume you are new to lawn management, whether for a business or the one in your backyard. You probably aren’t sure which grass is growing there, are you? If the answer is NO, then you should be looking for a fertilizer that is best overall. Search no more; you are at the right place.

Try using the Simple Lawn Solution 16-4-8 Balanced NPK, a perfect blend of necessary nutrients. The perfect NPK combination strengthens the grassroots by providing enough energy. This fertilizer is compatible with all grass types (Zoysia, Bermuda, or St.Augustine) and has worked amazingly regardless of the season.

High-quality organic ingredients have made it the top professional lawn fertilizer in Texas. The seaweed and fish used in this fertilizer help get a green lawn without burning grass. Being a complete liquid fertilizer, you can easily apply it with the help of a sprayer. The complete mix of nitrogen, phosphates, and potash provides every vital element necessary for lush lawns while also helping greening and growth.

The 16% Nitrogen and 4% Phosphorus solution plays a crucial part in reviving your fading lawn to look green again while also developing strong grassroots enabling them to spread deeper into the soil and collecting macronutrients deep inside. So, the grasses get every essential nutrient at a very early stage. It is delivered in a 2.94 pounds (1.33 kg) bag.  Homeowners with St.Augustine apply this fertilizer to get a beautiful lawn for an extended period.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Fertilizer for Grass?

After knowing about the best fertilizers in Texas for Zoysia, Bermuda, and St. Augustine grass, it's essential to know which one works for you! You should consider the following aspects before purchasing the fertilizers.

Know the NPK ratio:

In an NPK ratio, N stands for Nitrogen, P for Phosphorus, and K for potassium. It denotes the three most essential nutrients for plants that every fertilizer includes. A fertilizer with identical nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium percentage will have an NPK value of 10-10-10.

However, the best lawn fertilizer ratio for most lawns is either 3:1:3 or 4:1:2. But you must determine the best combination for your soil by analyzing the soil test report. It will identify the best NPK ratio to look for in the fertilizers when you analyze the soil.

Test Your Soil

Before you look for fertilizers on the internet, we suggest analyzing your lawn’s soil with an expert to determine the nutrients your soil lacks. After obtaining test results, you can look up fertilizers that suit your lawn’s needs and make a precise decision.

Differentiate Between Fast and Slow-Release fertilizers

When buying fast-release or slow-release fertilizers, consider your grass’s metabolism. Fast-release plant food can be beneficial in early spring and when planting a new lawn. Still not sure? The difference between slow and fast-release is similar to a snack and a meal; go for a meal if your lawn seems hungry for nutrients.

A quick dose of nitrogen fertilizer helps winter-dormant grass produce new leaves early in the season, helping them to grow more roots faster. Similarly, a quick-release lawn starter can help young grass seedlings or newly installed sod become established quicker.

On the other hand, slow-release lawn food is best for long-term maintenance. These fertilizers ensure a steady supply of the right nutrients throughout the season and therefore tend to last longer.

How Often Should You Fertilize?

You should apply the fertilizer according to the viability of your lawn. You should use fertilizer every month f it has a healthy root system. If your lawn is fragile, it’s recommended to apply the fertilizer every three weeks. Then, repeat until you reach the results you’re hoping for.

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