2022’s Best Electric Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

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We've put the battery-powered lawn mowers to the test. Here's our top picks for the best battery-powered electric lawn mowers of 2022.Get My Instant Price

Gone are the days when we must pull those nerve-wracking, howling gas mowers across our yards to make our lawns presentable. Now is the time to welcome the mighty energy-efficient, cost-effective Battery Powered Lawn Mowers that have made the frustrating nightmare of trimming the lawns a piece of cake.

From being easy to operate and maintain to being environmentally friendly and cheaper than most gas-powered mowers, these Battery Powered Lawn Mowers will be your favorite addition to your lawn maintenance arsenal.

Get ready to discover the best battery-powered lawn mowers in town:

Our Top Picks

1.   Best Overall: EGO LM2150SP Cordless Lawn Mower

The Ego Power has impressed us with its unbeatable performance and remarkable features. Its ultra-easy push button allows you to start mowing your lawn without getting tangled in cords and wires. You can adjust its 21-inch cutting deck to 6 different heights by simply shifting the knob on the side, and its speed control mechanism is one of the best we have seen so far.

Its bagger attachment is a handy feature that can gather pounds of grass per square foot. With a plastic deck that won’t rust and a tilt forward handle that can be adjusted according to your height, it’s the best mower of the year.

You can easily fold it into a compact form for storage in garages and tool sheds. Its 56-volt battery can easily give 45 minutes of runtime when fully charged. The equipment is sold without a battery and a charger, so it’s up to you to choose the battery according to your lawn area.

2.   Best on a Budget: Worx WG779

Worx WG779 can easily be acclaimed as the best lightweight cordless Battery Powered Lawn Mower on a budget. You can get this 14-inch push mower for under $300without compromising quality and features.

The equipment has an onboard battery meter that lets you know the battery status and saves you from unexpected breakdowns. It has a dual-port charger that allows fast charging of both batteries. Its outstanding feature is its two hours of run time, thanks to its dual-battery power system.

Its body is lightweight, and you can adjust the cutting deck to three different heights. Adjust the knob simply by turning it to add more torque when you need to cut tall grass. 85-bushel bagger attachment is perfect for collecting all the clippings or benefitting the mower's mulching feature tore-feed the lawn. It is an excellent investment when you have teens who will be mowing the lawn often.

3.    Best for Small Yards: Makita XML11CT1

Makita is one of the most reliable names among the lawn mower companies. Keeping up with our expectations, Makita XML11CT1 performed well in our analysis. The drive motor gear assembly at the rear axle is more extensive than its counterparts. The pivoting lever on the left controls its ground speed, and the quality cut and bagging performance it served was impeccable.

This Makita lawn mower is best for 0.33 acre of land or less due to its compact design and impressive performance. It has an 18-inch cutting deck and four powerful batteries that can efficiently serve you 40 minutes of run-time per charge. Its deck is made of commercial-grade steel and has 10 different cutting heights.

It has a rubberized grip for comfortable handling, and the quiet mode lets you work at a constant speed and reduces noise. Once you are done, you can easily clean the mulching bag. It has two hefty 18-volt, 5-Ah batteries to power its 36-volt (brushed) motor. This valuable equipment can easily bag, mulch, or side discharge grass clippings. The catcher bag can holdup to 1.7 bushels making it equipment with great value.

4.   Best Self-propelled Battery Mower: Ryobi 40V 21 inch

We have always dreaded mowing our lawns before, but with Ryobi all-wheel-drive battery mower, you get perfectly trimmed lawns without the hustle of noise, smoke, and hard work. The brushless motor has 10-inch rear wheels that move the mower forward. But if you do not want to operate on all wheels, you can use the front axle only by the simple rocker switch.

Its lever allows you to adjust its deck height and swing shut its mulching door. We found its mulching and bagging ability impressive for both level ground and steep hills. The mower works on a 40V battery that you can use for your other tools. When the batteries are fully charged, they can serve up to 70 impressive minutes of run time. It will let you cover .75 acres of grass easily. You can further

adjust the deck to seven different heights. Plus, you get a lifetime warranty for the deck against damage.

The mower folds into a compact structure for easy storage and convenient traveling.

5.   Best Performance: Greenworks 40V 19-Inch Cordless

Greenworks is highly popular among lawn equipment for its affordable range of equipment that neither lack in quality nor functionality. Their yard equipment has always remained top-rated, and Greenworks 25223 40V 19” is no less. It has even earned the Popular Mechanics' Best Value award.

With $380 only, you get seven-position blades, a steel deck, and a 4.0-Ah and 2.0-Ah lithium-ion battery. The mower has three discharge options: rear bag, side discharge, and mulch. The GreenWorks mower has 10-inch rear tires that smooth the mower rollover washboard surfaces. Its steel deck has seven positions from 1 1/8 to 3 inches, all controlled by a single spring lift mechanism. The deck

and the rear wheels are in continuous form, and a lift-up hatch at the back gives way to the bag.

You can easily store the mower due to its design or even hang it up. Its 10” rear and 7” front wheels make the maneuvering process simple and enjoyable. Its estimated cut area per charge is 4500 to 5000 sq.ft.

6.   Easiest to Clean: Skil SM4910-10

Skil power tools have always remained in the limelight for their unique features and impressive functionalities. Similarly, this Battery Powered Lawn Mower by Skil is also one of its kind. Its two-function machine performance gives the finest quality cuts, and the bagging procedure was the smoothest one we have experienced so far.

The overall design of the mower is well thought out with handle folds on the front, telescopes in length, and the three adjustable angles are just another treats to relish. Its adjustable handle and controlled ground speed through the knob make it a great purchase. You could adjust the deck height up to 4-inches of clearance from the ground to the bottom.

The dome-shaped deck is the easiest to clean moist grass clippings. Just remove the batteries, turn the mower sideways, wipe it clean, and you are done. This lawn mower kit includes a 5.0Ah PWR CORE 40™ lithium battery for max run time and Auto PWR JUMP™ charger.

7.   Best for Large Areas: Cub Cadet XT1

Cub Cadet recently launched their battery-powered lawn mowers for their XT1 Enduro series. The lawn mower has a 42-inch impressive dual blade cutting deck that doesn’t require hectic maintenance. The 56V battery is enough to work for 90 minutes non-stop and cover two acres of grass. It has a three-year warranty and can easily be charged with a standard wall outlet.

Its push-button cruise control lets you set a specific speed, and you can even use the two USB ports to charge your phones. Its 16-inch turn radius gives it zero turns quality performance while working around trees, light posts, etc.

If you need bagger attachments, mulching blades, etc., you must buy them separately.

Things to Consider While Shopping for a Battery-Powered Lawn Mower

Buying a lawn mower is an investment that serves you well in the long run; therefore, it is necessary to consider some factors before making your pick. Here are some basics to help you make an informed decision:

Self-propelled or Push Mowers

Self-propelled electric mowers are ideal for huge lawns as they save you a lot of labor, but these mowers are a bit costly and consume more battery than their counterparts. You can pick them if you don’t mind their cost and have extra batteries.

On the other hand, push mowers are lighter than gas mowers, making them quite convenient to use even on up hills and inclines.

Battery-powered or Corded

With battery-powered lawn mowers, you can enjoy a good 45 minutes to 1 hour of lawn mowing activity. You can use them wherever you wish, but if you ever find yourself with an uncharged lawn mower, it will take at least an hour to get charged fully.

For the corded mowers, you can simply use them whenever you wish. They are inexpensive to get your lawns cleared, trimmed, and amazingly appealing in no time, only if you don’t mind some cords along with the task.


Battery Powered Lawn Mowers are readily available for as low as $300 but when you need something reliable from reputable manufacturers, then be ready to spend at least $500. When you go for premium features, this cost may exceed $700. You may find them costly compared to gas lawnmowers, but the noise, emissions, and maintenance they need are too much for many.


Most electric lawn mowers come with different height ranges but do consider the type of grass you plan to chop. If it’s going to be above 3-1/2 inches or less than 2 inches, do keep an eye for the mower’s ability to handle it.

Number of Battery Pods

Multiple battery pods in a mower are of great help when you have a lawn of more than 1/3rd of an acre. These mowers come with a second storage port, active ports with a manual switch, or an automatic switch.These extra pods save you from the hustle of changing batteries while you are halfway through your task.

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