OneNeighbor Home Services

OneNeighbor group purchasing saves homeowners 20% or more, on average.  
This can quickly add up to hundreds in savings each year.
pool cleaning service
Pool Cleaning

Our swimming pool and spa cleaning and maintenance service includes chemicals, minerals, equipment checks and pool cleaning.

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lawn care service
Lawn Mowing

OneNeighbor lawn mowing is the easy choice for quality, affordable, and consistent lawn maintenance.

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home cleaning service
Home Cleaning

OneNeighbor’s certified cleaning professionals take pride in keeping your home clean.

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air conditioner repair service
Snow Plowing

Stop breaking your back trying to scoop the snow off your driveway. OneNeighbor offers snow plowing and removal services.

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carpet cleaning service
Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning service removes unwanted dirt, odor, and allergens from your carpet using safe steam cleaners.

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pet waste removal service
Pet Waste Removal

Let OneNeighbor clean up your pet's stinky land mines. We'll find, pickup, and dispose of your pet waste 1, 2, or 3 times per week.

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pest control service
Pest Control

OneNeighbor certified pest control specialists will make sure your home is pest free inside and out.

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holiday lights installation
Holiday Lights

OneNeighbor offers a complete holiday lighting service that will make your home sparkle and our prices won’t break the bank.

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Thousands of Happy Customers All Around North Texas

"I have actually had better service through OneNeighbor than I did finding my own lawn care service. I no longer have to worry about putting cash under a mat every week, as they take debit cards. Quality has also been better as my lawn has not been scalped in several places as it had previously been."
Brad B
Frisco, tx
“Used One Neighbor to install Christmas lights. Great communication with the vendor Timothy, excellent installation. Was worth it just to see him fly all over my extremely steep roof with no fear 🙂 He is now my lights guy!”
Gary G
Frisco, TX
“Wanted to say that I have been using this service for two weeks now. I was previously paying $27 for my lawn care and now paying $19 with OneNeighbor, it looks exactly the same. Equal quality + less money = easiest decision I’ve made.I have always wondered why our HOA didn’t leverage our community’s purchasing power, I’m glad someone is finally doing it.”
Jared C
Frisco, tx
“Best service I have had! I was a little skeptical when I saw such a low price, but these guys knocked it out of the park. I love how I don’t have to get quotes from vendors, OneNeighbor does all that work for me so I know I’m getting the best rate. I will come here first before getting any home service.”
David W
Frisco, TX
“We switched our lawn mowing to oneneighbor about a month ago.  So far, I’m very impressed.  I would like to switch my maid service too.  Please let me know when maids is available in Grayhawk.”
Raahithya S.
Frisco, TX
“OneNeighbor is new to my area, so I was a little skeptical about using them, but the money they saved me for lawn care made it worth the risk. However, I should not have been worried! They have exceeded my every expectation! I highly recommend using them for lawn care and I will be looking into using them for other services as they become available.”
Garrett T
Frisco, TX